Sunday, 10 March 2013

Researching Your Trade

As mentioned in a previous post, I have not long finished uploading my website
I wanted to bring an example I used in the creation of that site into the realms of learning more as a musician.

I had to get my facts straight about the operating's of almost all the content of which bass as I didn't want to post fiction or inproper information about how strings worked for example. As I went through all the topics I learned so much more knowledge that I didn't know before, and I'm supposed to be sound engineer!

This element of research also harks back to when I built my computer a few years ago, I knew how to operate computers better than most but was a little in the dark about the building of them. I read countless articles, forum postings and watched YouTube videos on the topic of what parts to buy, the difference between them, the pro's and the con's the difference between chip sets and bridges and so forth. I was then able to look up the parts I knew would suit my budget or own specification in a computer.

Having all the parts ordered in front of me to build my computer I was so excited putting this new found knowledge to work. I built my PC with no issues safe to say, and it is still with me till this day.

What's the musical link you ask? Learn as much as you can about your instrument, and all components of it! Look at the woods used for your instrument or the way your pickups were configured, string type and build, effect pedal build, amplifiers and wattage.

Even if you know just enough to get by with your peers have a look at a topic in detail. I bet you guitarists out there didn't know that higher wattage doesn't necessarily mean you'll get a louder amplifier huh? No, exactly. It's astonishing what a little research does for your future understanding of music that will stay with you from now on.

Just to take the time to better your understanding opens up so many more possibilities in your playing style, influencing of other band members and musicians, makes you opinionated and even more professional.

Have you heard the news about which bass should you buy?

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