Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Happy Birthday Bandcoach!

Bandcoach UK is now 1 year old! The acknowledgement is a little late, but personally I blame the rat race for bleeding my life dry. 

The past year I look back with sadness and look forward with potential. I have is feeling during New Years celebration too. It annoys me at the missed opportunities fluttered away, yet I look forward and hope things do change. 

At the time of writing I have no dedicated readers I know of and essentially use this space as a way to track my thoughts gathering ideas for forth coming writings. 

As with many people, I had my dreams and goals to take BandCoach on a direction. Maybe this year I can bring my goals to fruition with video, podcasts or even ebooks. 

If you do happen to come by BandCoach and like something you've read, leave a comment! BC is all about musician to musician support from me to you and you to me. 

I look forward to the next 12 moths and I hope you do too.  

Thanks for reading.