This blog is an extension of the program BandCoach and will be home to additional content relating to the BandCoach project. The blog will provide musicians of all genres and difficulty levels insight into the music industry as well as informative posts all musicians should read regarding live performance, studio recording and need to know tricks of the trade from a musician but through the eyes of a  professional sound engineer.

All are welcome to read, collaborate or discuss as this blog is a place to learn something new within your genre, performance or instrument.

Alfie Williams is the name of musician, composer, sound engineer and lover of music currently based in the UK
In his teenage years he has centered his goals on achieving in the music industry, firstly by playing in several bands of varying success and then to becoming a professional sound engineer.

Over the past 5 years Alfie has worked with over 400 bands with varying needs and requirements and has learned what is needed to achieve the absolute best possible sound in a bands musical performance at a live venue or within the studio.

Through his love of teaching and expanding his knowledge of the industry. Alfie has spent the last 6 months producing a program called BandCoach, within that program he visits bands and teaches them on a one to one basis what is needed to play their at best. He joins them within their rehearsal environment to improve on everything from technique, their direction to studio production. He shows them not only to play as a band, but as better musicians in harmony.

The BandCoach website is still in its infancy but can be found on most social networks in one form or another. This blog and the community pages will be at the heart of the community 

About the author - Alfie Williams is a professional musician of 12 years playing a host of instruments but primarily the bass guitar. He then later studied and excelled as a live sound engineer and has since decided to take a new approach to music and create his own music project when not working on the BandCoach.

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