Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Your role in the Music Industry

From a little young age you've probably had the dream of playing a sold out Wembley stadium with your band hearing the cheers of the fans and living the dream.

I wanted to discuss what steps you are taking to edge closer and closer to your dream. There are endless ways into the music industry and they don't have to strictly be as a musician.

As you can see, the band is actually a very small part of the picture, granted they are the most popular part of the ordeal but if you really wanted to be involved there is plenty to do and many opportunities to claw your way in.

As time goes on, more so recently while I've been in a career change I wondered how I can get back to a career that takes me closer to the ultimate goal and work in the music industry.

After you play in a band or two you get the idea whether you're making progress as a group, if your songs are well written, recorded or you have a large turn out at your gig you would be silly not to push and stride harder to succeed.
On the other hand if your songs are average, you're not growing as a band – bickering with each other and you play to empty rooms all the time it may be time to consider a different route through the industry or even another band.

When I realised that its highly unlikely I wont be a 'Rock Star' any time soon - because the elements don't add up or its not meant to be (hint hint). I still wanted to be part of that dream, even if I'm not in the spotlight, even if I could 'share' that limelight I just wanted to be part of it.

I then decided the next best thing to a musician, because of practical reasons would be a live sound engineer. Almost all the benefits of being a musician except you don't have to play a thing or lug about heavy instruments and gear. I am of a technical mind and love how all these little intricate parts works together.
This proved to be my calling as I had far more opportunities presented to me as well as doors opening up once I was an engineer. The best part being I was still part of the lime light and the excitement being part of the 'team' even though I was at the back of the venue. 

Things have moved on and priorities changed, for the moment my progress in the music industry and I assume many others is held back because of financial restraints.

Work has since dried up with regards to live music as venues have shut down, promoters out of business, opportunities dire and friends moved on. With no time nor money to invest in a band and start from the bottom to work my way up to the ultimate dream - I have to think of ways that will keep me in the musical loop.

That brings me to today, I have my own solo music project Alfie Williams which suits me when I have the time as well as my BandCoach program which will be ready when the time is right and of course this blog where I can pass on my knowledge of live and studio sound as well as how to make the best of your band to give you the success I have not yet found.

Who knows what the next incarnation of my dream will be, I hope to one day climb back up the ladder whether that be in a band or as an engineer. Either way as long as you present an interest and keep things realistic you will be true to yourself and succeed. 

How have your dreams changed and adapted along the way? Do you have plans to make a come back to "the ultimate dream"? What is your plan to get to places others cannot? 

If you're stuck with your band have you thought of becoming a Musical Hybrid?

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