Sunday, 8 July 2012

Ideal Bass Rig of 2012

If I had a unlimited budget to buy any gear I want, this is the set up I would choose right now. The gear listed below I believe can tackle any gig I would have to play. The amp and cab are designed to play anything and deliver the necessary tones for the genre, thats the main reason I love the SVT combo
Alfie Williams Bass Rig
Bass GTR > SansAmp > TU-2 > MXR Octave > Tech 21 Chorus >
  Ampeg SVT 4


First hand experience using these recording on a session or two. Absolutely love the warmth of this head. Ridiculously punchy and has all the lows. All the best use them so cant go wrong with a SVT.

ATK 305 with SVT 4 and 8x10 Ampeg Cab

Heritage SVT-810E
Nothing compliments a SVT head better than a SVT cab! Again first hand experience using these and the sound couldn't be better. It handle anything you throw at it, whether that be Punk-rock, Metal or even Jazz! The ultimate bass tone.

To compliment the amp I have chosen 3 main effects I use when it comes to bass. I don't over do it but its nice to have any of these 3 effects at one time.

If you want to know more about bass cabs I must highly reccomend having a look at the go to guide for bass amplifier guide

Sansamp PSA 1
While the SVT gives a beautiful growl, the PSA gives you that little bit more control over your OD/distortion settings. In my ideal set up this would be crucial.

Standard tuning device that works best in dark stage conditions and built like a tank to boot.

MXR octave
Compared to the BOSS OC3 that I currently use, the MXR Octave has a little more range when it comes to tracking and sounds that little bit better. While a digital sounding octave can be a personal taste I don't like it all the time, hence the MXR choice! 

Tech 21 Bass Boost Chorus
I can't think of anything better than that 80's sounding chorus. Big, fat and shimmering. Compared to the Digitech Multi Chorus the Tech 21 has ultimate control over those shimmering tones and I want it BAD.

OD, Octave and a chorus, what more could you want in a bass sound? This has it all! 

There is a fantastic bass effects pedal guide that explains all you need to know about the differences between all those pretty pedals.

DR HI beams 45 - 120 (5 string) Or the 4 string pack DR DDM 45 – 10. If you wanted to know more about strings and why these hi-beams rock I've written a guide explaining which bass strings you should choose when creating your rig.

Lakland 4401 for the studio or live performance
Lakland 4401

Ibanez ATK 305 for live performance. 
ATK 305

Of course if we are going to talk about ideal basses, well thats a different conversation altogether! Speaking of which, if you like the basses mentioned have a look at the different types of bass you can get to go with your rig.
Whats your ideal rig? Which parts of mine do you like or dislike? Leave comments below as I really want to know.

Now you have the best Bass rig of 2012 have you seen how I like to record with my Top 5 things you need before recording?

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